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Celebrating a Decade of Impact

As the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) marks its 10th year of dedicated service, we are honored to take you through a decade of positive change in the Sheyenne River Valley Area.

Over the past ten years, SVCF has been instrumental in turning a forgotten space into a vibrant community orchard in places like Litchville, preserving the rich history of Barnes County, and pioneering innovative programs that empower local youth, including the Access for All program and Wellness For All. Perhaps the most significant measure of our impact is the $2.6 million dollars that have been invested into our communities, funding projects, and initiatives that have transformed lives.

The heart of our success lies in the generosity of donors, supporters, and community partners. Together, we have bridged the gaps between community aspirations and positive impact, creating a legacy of change that resonates throughout the region.

As we commemorate this 10th anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been part of our journey. We invite you to join us in celebrating the stories of change that define our legacy. These stories, highlighting the direct impact of your contributions, inspire us all to continue turning dreams into reality.

Looking forward, we are excited about the future, as we build upon this remarkable legacy of community impact. Stay tuned for more stories and celebrations! 🌟🎉 #10YearsStrong #CommunityImpact #SheyenneStrong

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