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Ways You Can Give

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) is a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to helping donors like you support the causes that matter most to you. Our primary goal is to maximize the resources that flow back into the community, amplifying the positive impact across the Sheyenne Valley.

We have a well-defined investment strategy that is set and monitored by the Investment Committee, with long-term objectives in mind. This strategy ensures a consistent flow of funds for grant-making and community initiatives while minimizing risk and preserving the value of donated assets.

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Tax Benefits


Donations to the SVCF generally qualify for deductions on both your federal and state income tax returns. For more information, please consult your professional advisor or tax preparer.


Through the ND Charitable Income Tax Credit, you may be eligible to claim a credit of 40% on a minimum donation of $5,000 to a qualified endowment, in addition to the savings you receive on your federal tax return.


The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation offers a variety of ways to give, ranging from the popular donor-advised fund to endowed field-of-interest funds that allow you to make a lasting impact on causes you deeply care about. While we have summarized our types of funds below, the best way to discover the giving option that suits you best is to reach out to us. Please call Andrea Nelson at (701) 490-1596 to schedule a time to explore the ways you can contribute to ensuring generosity thrives in the Sheyenne River Valley.

types of funds

Field of Interest Fund

You have the opportunity to define the general purpose of the fund, such as education, arts, health, or specific geographic areas. The Community Foundation then identifies projects and nonprofit organizations that effectively achieve those goals. The SVCF awards grants to community organizations and programs making a difference in your chosen area.

existing funds

Explore our range of existing funds to find one that aligns with your giving goals. If you don't find a suitable option, you can contact Andrea Nelson to establish your own fund.

establishing your fund

When you establish a fund through the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation, you have the choice to recommend your own fund manager. These experienced advisors manage the donated funds according to the Foundations Investment Policy, becoming part of our fund manager portfolio. This allows you to retain your trusted advisor while leveraging the SVCF as the charitable arm to enhance the impact of your philanthropy.

Any fund can be established in your name, your family's name, your organization's name, or in honor of someone special to you. All grants distributed from the fund you establish, both now and in the future, are awarded to charities in the name of that fund. This not only allows you to actively participate in and be remembered for your community investment but also provides the option of remaining anonymous if you prefer.

To open an endowment fund, a minimum contribution of $5,000 is required, with funds expected to reach $25,000 within five years. Call our office today at 701-490-1596 to learn more about establishing a fund.

Gifts Accepted

At the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation, we celebrate the fact that anyone, regardless of gift size, can make a lasting impact in the community. You can start supporting your favorite charities now through an outright gift or include them in your estate plan. Your gift holds significant value when it aligns with your values and supports the needs of local charities. Below are examples of gifts accepted at the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation.


*Please note that all gifts to the Foundation are subject to board approval and adhere to our Gift Acceptance Policy. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor for personalized guidance.


A cash gift is the simplest and most straightforward way to contribute.


Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds, and most mutual funds, offer a charitable deduction for the full market value of the donated asset while minimizing capital gains taxes.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate that you have owned for more than a year entitles you to a tax deduction based on the fair market value of the property.

IRA Gifts

Directly transferring an IRA Charitable Rollover distribution to the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation not only eliminates income tax on the distribution but also counts towards your required minimum distribution.

Agriculture Commodity

Farmers can receive greater tax reductions by donating agricultural commodities instead of cash. The process is simple: deliver the commodity to your elevator and inform them that you would like it to be given to the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation. Please contact us to inform us of the donation.

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