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Celebrating a Decade of Impact and Reflecting on $2.6 Million in Community Support

As the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation marks a decade of transformative philanthropy, the impact of over $2.6 million in donations reverberates through the Sheyenne River Valley area. From spearheading local initiatives to fostering community development, each dollar funneled through the Foundation has become a catalyst for change.

Grants: Making Local Impact

In a testament to community empowerment, the Foundation has proudly awarded a total of $332,262 through our various grant rounds. Beyond the numbers, each grant tells a story of resilience and strength, exemplifying the Foundation’s commitment to local impact.

The Bridges Backpack program and the Hi-Liner Pantry are some of our grant recipients. Since 2014, they have purchased and provided over 46,000 meal kits to elementary students at Washington and Jefferson Schools. Their summer program fed an average of 41 children per week and provided over 6100 lbs. of food to families in our area. To continue supporting children and families in our community with needed food and essentials, the Bridges Backpack program relies on donations and grants like the one they received from the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation.

The director of the Hi-Liner Pantry, Penny Peterson shares this inspiring story that illustrates the positive impact of the pantry: A few years ago, we started working with a student by providing weekend food and hygiene products. Over time, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in this student his confidence soared, and he adopted better hygiene practices. His academic performance improved significantly, and in his senior year, he graduated with outstanding grades, paving the way for enrollment in college. When we met him post-graduation, he expressed heartfelt gratitude for the pantry, emphasizing how compassionate individuals who cared deeply played a crucial role in his journey.

Donor Advised Funds: Community Generosity

Through our various Donor Advised Funds, the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation has granted an impactful $137,000 to various charities. One shining example among many is a donor, born and raised in Valley City, who cherishes the community’s vibrant legacy even after moving away over 50 years ago. Their cherished memories of exceptional schools, churches, parks, the Carnegie Library, and more lead to their continued support.

“Valley City has given me so much, and it is with immense pride and gratitude that I can give something back to the community in terms of financial support,” the donor shares. “All communities rely on funding to sustain their programs and work towards achieving their goals. I encourage others to explore opportunities provided by the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation because together, we can create a powerful ripple effect that strengthens our communities and ensures a bright future for the generations to come.”

Capital Campaign and Special Projects: Building Dreams, Transforming Lives

With nearly $2 million in pledges, the Gaukler Family Health, Wellness & Physical Education Center stands as a reflection of community support through the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation. This collaborative effort involving generous donors, the Foundation, and key partners, not only provides an educational space but also symbolizes the community’s dedication to quality amenities.

Beyond the walls of the Wellness Center, community input and contributions led to the creation of the Wellness For All fund. This fund provides scholarships to low-income individuals, enabling them to participate in health and wellness programs in Valley City. Annually, approximately 150 scholarships are granted annually, offering reduced memberships at the Wellness Center and promoting inclusivity in community health initiatives.

“As we reflect on this remarkable decade of impact, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to every donor, board member, and community participant who played a pivotal role in shaping these milestones. Your generosity has been the driving force of positive change, forever altering the landscape for nonprofits and touching the lives of those who need it most. As we celebrate the achievements of the past ten years, we eagerly anticipate the chapters yet to be written. Here's to another decade of collaboration, generosity, and the enduring impact of community-driven philanthropy,” said Andrea Nelson, Director of the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation.

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