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Celebrating a Decade of Impact: Part 2

As the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation reaches our 10th year, we look back to 2013—a crucial year where community needs, our dedicated founding board, and the generous Gaukler Family Foundation set our transformative journey in motion.

This unique blend formed the foundation, connecting donor generosity with essential community needs across Barnes, Griggs, and Ransom counties. The vision of our founding board was clear: establish a foundation creating a profound impact in the Sheyenne River Valley area. This commitment remains at our core.

A turning point was the creation of the Gaukler Family Health, Wellness & Physical Education Center—a collaborative achievement highlighting the power of shared vision. The Gaukler Family Foundation's gift fueled our initial two years, defining us as a dynamic Community Foundation.

Today, we stand as a beacon of philanthropy, addressing community needs, and nurturing donor aspirations. Heartfelt thanks to our donors and past/present board members whose contributions shaped this remarkable journey. Their philanthropic vision echoes through every milestone, every fund, and every empowered community member.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we draw inspiration from our journey and are excited by the potential ahead. Thanks to our donors, families, individuals, nonprofits, and businesses, the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is etching stories of positive change into the fabric of the Sheyenne River Valley area. Together, we sculpt a legacy of impact, committing to a stronger, vibrant community for generations to come. #SVCF10Years #LegacyofImpact

Our Founding Board Members: George Gaukler, Derek Jungels, Ray Braun, James Jensen, Jennifer Feist, Dick Gulmon, Hilde van Gijssel, Mary Lee Nielson, Keith Anderson, Bobby Koepplin, and Alicia Hoffarth

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