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The Wellness for All Program

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Shortly after our beginning, we developed the Wellness For All program. This is a grant that provides scholarships to low-income individuals in Barnes County to participate in health and wellness activities through Valley City Park and Recreation.

The idea came from various listening sessions and community feedback during the development of the Gaukler Family Wellness Center. The SVCF Board has been committed to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the facility regardless of their financial status.

Since then, the Foundation board has expanded the Wellness For All grant program to include nonprofit organizations across Barnes County to offer scholarship programs in order for all residents to participate in health and wellness activities.

Our generous donors have allowed us to grant nearly $30,000 annually to organizations and provide 150 low-income individuals scholarships to access health and wellness programs in Barnes County. This program is supported by individual donations and an Endowment Fund established by the late Ralph and Jane Winge.

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